“Shore Counseling has provided me with one-on-one therapy with Christine, as well as a women’s wellness group that supported me in becoming and loving the person I was meant to be. By understanding the past belief systems, overcoming fears, and encouraging me to believe in myself, I have continued to grow and evolve on my personal journey through life. I am so grateful for my experience at Shore Counseling.”

– Leanne

“Ashley of Shore Counseling helped me get out of the darkest days of my life. She is smart, caring, and took the time to get to me know me and understand what I needed. With each session, I gained new tools and insights to help me stay motivated and confident.

She made me feel comfortable enough to share anything with her and because of that I am no longer depressed, my anxiety has lessened, and I finally got my self-esteem back. She helped me experience growth that I first thought was impossible and I am very grateful for that.

I really do look up to Ashley and would recommend her to anyone looking for a helping hand, as she has been an incredible supporter, counselor, and mentor for me.”

– Hilary

“I reached out to Christine at Shore Counseling about one year after the passing of my mother and sister. For months, I had immersed myself at work in an effort to suppress my feelings. I was lost, lonely and afraid. Over the last three years, Christine helped me become aware of the negative energy I had been carrying for so long. She equipped me with the necessary tools to change my perspective and transform my life.

Shore Counseling has provided me with a safe and nurturing environment to explore my thoughts, face my feelings and discover who I truly am. What a beautiful thing life can be at the other end of your tears! Thank you, Christine for being a compassionate and intuitive teacher. I highly recommend Shore Counseling.”

– Laura